Friday, February 4, 2011

UBC Day 3

Write a letter to: Your parents

Dear Parents,

I know growing up that I wasn't the most perfect child. I'm sure there were many days and nights I put you through heck. Nights that you stayed up until I was home. I know everything that you have done for me was to help me. I don't ever hate you for sending me to Anasazi or West Ridge. I know I haven't followed the perfect path. But you have showed me what it means to really appreciate it when I did get back on it. And that you guys were always going to be there even if I wandered off the path. I'm grateful that you helped me so much through my pregnancy and afterwards. And that you have always pushed me to do my best and that I'm capable of doing it. That I was also capable of finding a wonderful man and I'm grateful that you have accepted him into our family with open arms. You're the best parents ever and I hope to be great parents like you someday. :) I love you!

Tell me: A song that makes you happy

I want to know: Your favorite television program.

Tell me Your idea of the perfect first date.
Well, I know this probably wouldn't be a first date. But my perfect date in general would have to be if I woke up earllyyyy and you just took me to the airport and didn't tell me where we were going. Then we got on the plane and we went straight to disneyland. Then in the afternoon go to a dinner then take a stroll on the beach around sunset. I think that would be PERFECTION. Someone let him in on this ;) It's like my DREAM date.


  1. You have wonderful parents.
    Great song.
    That is an expensive date! lol. But I guess that's the definition of a dream date, no price tags.
    I didn't know you liked Disneyland so much. It is a fun place.

  2. We love you toooo! We always believed in just needed to learn to believe in yourself! It brings us so much JOY to see you on the pathway of true happiness! We LOVE Tayler and we are so glad you found the man of your dreams!!