Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 9: 9/11

I found this video on my friend Michelle's blog. I loved it too much so this is all I'm going to post. I think it's fabulous. Those things life that are trials can either make you weaker or make you stronger. You decide how you want to handle things. I've had my share of experiences. I've seen what is really important in life. And I feel so incredibly blessed to have God and the gospel in my life. :)

I'll always remember. From 9/11-today. Do you remember?
Do you know what's really important to you?
Is it your job? Your money? Your family? Your friends? God? Your husband or wife? Your kids?

Do you know where your priorities are?


  1. Hey I am about to blog too! This video is AMAZING! It's like so amazing if you truly tried to blog about it, it would take DAYS. I was going to blog about it, but there's just SO much I could say! Love it! Glad you saw & posted it!

  2. Wow! That's truly amazing! I finally watched The Lord of the Rings:Fellowship of the Ring, the other day, and I Like what Gandolf said after Frodo saying that he wishes that this never happend to him and that he didn't want to do it any more...(or something to that extent) and Gandolf said, (I'll just somerize because I don't remember exactly how he said it) he said it to something like this, that we don't choose of what happens to us, and somethings are meant to happen, it just depends on how we react and what we choose to do about it.

    I can truly testify that if we turn our focus to our Heavenly Father and the Gospel, and like what you said Do we know what our Priorities are? Follow what our priorities are and keep that as our focus, we will be so much better in our lives! I truly agree that our trials can make us stronger, it is up to us to decide of How we react to different situations! Love ya Stef! You're amazing! <3