Friday, November 20, 2009


This Friday has been a WONDERFUL Friday if I may say!

I went and saw the midnight showing of New Moon. A few days ago Jessica and I decided we wanted to see New Moon. Of course, most of the movie tickets are sold out only a few days before. So we went onto KSL. Some ladies doctors office rented out a theater at the Provo mall the tickets were 10 dollars but we got a VIP pass. And there were door prizes. Jessica and I won bookmarks.

I had some of the funniest moments of my life there.

I don't even know what was going on. There were 4 guys in the front row. With no dates. (Come on, I even went with a date. Not Jessica. He is of the male species.) And they were making fun of all the girls like screaming in the movie. I'm like, really? You're with your gay lovers at the movie. People should be making fun of YOU. (I don't hate on gays. One of my best friend's is gay.)

One of them says, "This is the riskiest thing that I have ever done." I said loud enough for him to hear, "That's a little bit sad if the riskiest thing you've done is see a midnight Twilight movie."

During the movie, one girl said, "I hate it when people talk in movies." I said, "You just did!"

It was a good movie. I was very impressed. It was not a let down unlike Twilight. I was just glad that it actually ran smoothly like a movie unlike Twilight which was a hot MESS.

I'd like to give a shout out.

Thank you New Moon for being everything I wanted you to be.

Thank you for making Edward sufficiently attractive in this movie. I'd like to keep my eyesight.

Thank you Taylor Lautner for being an actor and making up for Kristin Stewart's and Robert Pattinson's bad acting jobs.

And can someone PLEASE get me Taylor Lautner's personal trainer's address? I need to send him a thank you note.

(Taylor Swift definitely has some competition with the whole female population!)

And for all you Twilight fans- Eclipse comes out June 2010!

If you all haven't been aware already. I've been writing a missionary.

A little bit about him... I met Trey when I was 17 at EFY. I had a HUGE, GIANT crush on him and EVERYONE knew. He even knew. But he still hung out with me. That's weird huh? Well, the problem was that he lived in St. George. There was NO way that I could have a long distant relationship and plus at that time Joel and I were on a "break."
Trey and I still kept in contact throughout the years by texting. Actually, sometime last year, my friend Jen and I went to UVU for some weird reason and he happened to be in the building studying so we hung out with him for a little bit. I think it was in December right before me and Nic broke up.
Then in January after me and Nic broke up, my friend Natasha invited me to go to an institute dance with her at UVU. I texted Trey to come hang out with me because I wasn't going to know ANYONE. At the time, I had a thought that I was pregnant but I didn't say anything to anyone. Trey and I were seriously attached to the hip the whole dance and jumped around and danced. We ran into some of his friends who were EFY counselers that summer so we did a bunch of EFY dances with them. It definitely reminded me of old times. He was planning on taking me home that night but I had someone else take me home. I kind of really wish that he did take me home that night.

Anyway. I think a week later I found out I was pregnant. I really think he texted me the night that I found out and asked me when we were going to hang out again. And I said, "I'm pretty sure you don't want to hang out with me." He kept bugging me and asking me what was wrong and I told him I would tell him later. I didn't want like all of my friends knowing before my family and Nic found out that I was. I think after I told Nic the next night I texted Trey and told him that I was pregnant and was pretty sure he didn't want to hang out with me because of that. And all he said was, "So?!"
I'm thinking, Really? He still wants to hang out with me?

On Valentine's day he came over to my house and we had a tv show watching marathon of Ghost Whisperer. He also gave me a nice back/shoulder massage. Not a naughty one. Come on.
Valentine's day was on a Saturday so my parents invited him to go to Stake Conference with us the next day. And he did. He came over for dinner as well and for some reason my pregnancy hormones got the best of me. At dinner I just cried. I had NO reason to cry. I just felt like crying. He probably thought that was FREAKY. My parents invited him to go to the Draper Temple open house but I think we both were busy and couldn't go.

In March, I went over to his place and we made cookie dough (it sounded SO good) and spaghetti (I know, a great romantic combo). We watched Twilight (he hadn't seen it). Then after that I think we played some Call of Duty 4. Let's just say I'm not very skilled in those killing games BUT I did kill him first when we first started playing. He thought I was so good at the game from that point on that he didn't go easy on me. And I lost. Horribly.
We then put in Juno. He was definitely a cuddler but at the time I totally wasn't in the cuddling mood. But I did it anyway. Ha. Then I left.

For some reason we stopped contacting each other. I think around that time is when my old Facebook account got hacked and I can't get into it anymore. And that was a lot of how we communicated as well. That's how the Ghost Whisperer plans came up because I think I posted on my Facebook status that I was always lonely on Valentine's day.

I think in July. Right after I got home from Virginia. I texted Trey because I was visiting Jessica. And he asked, "Who is this?"

I'm thinking, "Great, so he really has been purposely ignoring me for the past few months and wants to forget about me."

I told him. And he said, "I was just thinking about you the other day! I had to get a new phone and I lost ALL my old numbers so I'm glad you got a hold of me."
I said, "Oh really? I hope they were good thoughts of me!"
He said, "Well, duh! I don't think anything bad about you!"
I said, "Intrigue me. What were thinking about?"
He said, "I was thinking that I haven't heard from you in a while and that the last time we hung out I should've kissed you."

Get this. I've never kissed him. The 2 years that I've known him since EFY. We have never kissed.

I said, "Oh yeah? Well... we should hang out sometime soon!"

Then... we never made plans. I just got busy that day and then at the same time I had a lot of other stuff on my mind.
I'm thinking he never saved my number in his phone because I didn't hear from him since.

RuthAnn works in the MTC. And he came into her office and saw her nametag and said, "Are you Stefanie's sister?!" She said, "Yeah... who are you?" He said, "I'm Trey. I'm Stefanie's friend. Did she have her baby yet?" She said, "Yes." (This was like two days after I had her) And he said that was cool and left.

She looked up his information for me and I sent him a letter. I guess the day that he got my letter he went into my sister's office and said, "Thank you for giving Stefanie my information!"

I've received two letters from him. (I've sent him 3. I sound desperate! I've written once a weekHe says he's been very busy in the MTC. I bet.
He's going to Hong Kong China.

I'll update you guys (:
This is what he wrote:

"-Cantonese is coming along nicely, slowly, but surely.
-I'm in the MTC for 3 more weeks, and even though I wish I was fluent already, and am not, I still can't wait to leave!
-Cantonese is harder than I thought, but not a surprise so I wasn't caught off guard.
-The food here has gotten pretty lame...
-I have two companions. One is 24 and ex-army, so he's kind of too serious sometimes, but he's really mellowed out a lot since day one and we're closer. My 2nd companion is from St. George and freshout of High School. But he's pretty mature and fun to hang around he is a peacemaker, which is good because all 3 of us are very strong willed.
-My classes are usually pretty boring, honestly. I wish I had the 5-6 hours of class we use in the day to sudy on my own, but some days it's really good, so once in a while is okay...

So there is the way boring low down..."

I laughed at his P.S.
"Since I only have 3 more weeks, you will have to write you're angry, "Why didn't you write sooner?" letters, fast. I don't think I'll be writing much if at all, when I'm in Hong Kong. (a very poorly drawn -thoughtful- heart at the end)"

I danced around the room when I got the letter. Let's speed up these next 22 months, how about that?

I totally forgot the cool things about this. He went into the MTC the DAY that I went into labor and had Olivia. Coincidence? I think not.
Let's see. The first letter I wrote him I told him about the adoption. In March was the last time that I saw him and still during that time I was undecided in my plan.

"Let's see here... No I don't have one lady friends waiting for me, nor do I have plural lady friends waiting. Just so you know and no one is confused." Well, now one is (:

"That's great to hear that your baby is so healthy! I guess your sister didn't tell you in time, I got into the MTC the same day you had your baby! So that means she is now... one month old! (: Sweet. I'm glad you tried to do the best thing for her even though it was hard. I personally think that you did the right thing."

(insert now my very poorly drawn -thoughtful- heart at the end)


  1. You're so cute! I Love you! I remember meeting Trey at the Dance! And I think I remember you talking about him After EFY that summer at church or something! :D Love ya tons! :D <3 Sorry, I sent you an e-mail this morning... I hope I don't seem like I'm pushing at you.... I don't want to do that... and if I'm pushing... let me know so that I can stop!

  2. Haha that is so cute! Did you know that Que and I wrote each other during his mission?
    Just sayin'. :p

  3. Haha. Question. Is Que's handwriting horrible? Trey's is pretty bad. His I's look like Z's. But I'll never tell him this.

  4. I waited in line for New Moon for two hours.