Thursday, November 12, 2009

7 weeks old.

Nov. 11-

I'm grateful for...

1. The troops fighting in Iraq.

2. Everyone in the Military. Including my dad who was in the Military for 25 years and retired as a Lt. Colonel. He has done a lot for our family to provide for us growing up.

3. Little Olivia being a healthy 7 week old baby girl (Same with the whole J family. They've been sick with colds the past week or so.)

Nov. 12-

I'm grateful for...

1. Friends who buy the same shirt as me and buy me a Utah hat (Sorry BYU, you have not made me proud this season to buy a hat for you.) Yes, we did go out in public wearing the same shirt. We rock.

2. Thursday group. I know I've mentioned it before. But I always learn something new everyday. Either about myself or life lessons.

3. The crazy kiosk people that stop you in the mall, I was able to get something for my mommy for Christmas. Oh how I love early Christmas shopping... not.
I hate how good they are at their jobs. They suck me and I end up buying the whole dang kiosk.

She asked, "Do you know someone who is need of a Christmas present? Mom? Sisters?" I said, "I have a mom." She said, "Really? I have three!" I asked, "WHAT?! Are you serious?!" With a straight face she said, "No." Touche crazy kiosk lady.

She asked me, "So what do you say?" I said, "Yes....?" You had to be there.

That's all I got.


  1. I love that first picture of you!
    What was group about?

  2. It wasn't really about anything. Two girls told their story. It was just something that someone said that got to me. I'll probably post about it later.

  3. Awesome! I can't wait to hear! I really like the shirts! That was awesome! :D hehehe! Taylor Drug has awesome Hats! But the better looking ones are BYU AND U OF U! LOL I have a BYU one, but thinking about getting a U of U one too... LOL I hope you're doing Great!! :D Love ya tons! :D

  4. And who is that CUTE LITTLE PUPPY Dog!! :D I Love Dogs like crazy! It looks like a Pomeranian! :D

  5. Your so cute! I've missed group. I'm excited to see you guys and hear about things