Sunday, November 8, 2009

Strep & Videos

Man, I'm doing so bad with the grateful posts things and doing like two per blog. I had an excuse yesterday. I was sick TO THE MAX.

Nov. 7-I'm grateful for...

1. Picture messages from D&V (THANK YOU! I love them always! They make my day!)

(I love this picture! She's a daddy's girl.)

2. Not having swine flu (I have strep though)

3. Having a friend come over while I'm sick and watch the Jazz game (sad day for the Jazz, they lost to Sacramento), play Kingsburg, stay up until 5 in the morning with me (;

Nov. 8- I'm grateful for...

1. Videos of Olivia (She's grown up SO much!)

(I was watching Olivia the day before she left to go home for Virginia. Here's one of the videos from that day.)

2. Sleeping in. (It doesn't help that I stayed up until 5. I slept in until 2. I didn't go to church because of strep. I didn't work on Saturday either. So thank you for Curtis for covering for me!)

3. Kimberly.
She's struggling with some trials in her life and wish I could be there for her. I know what she's going through and it's hard when you feel like everyone is against you.


  1. hey this is mallerie from BG;) I just wanted to sayyyy I love looking at your blog and seeing all the positive stuff about adoption :P It really helps to see that it's not all sad and it doesn't hurt all the time. Over the weekend I met with this little guys family :) and it just feels perfect anyway I'll tell you more another time but I just wanted to say hi because we haven't talked in a while and I can't believe Olivia is already so big! Seems like just yesterday you were having her lol. and she is totally adorable :) congrats to you

  2. Olivia is so dang cute!! I Love seeing pictures of her! She's growing up way too fast! Is she really going to be 2 months this month? It just seems too real to me! You know what I mean?