Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Good NEWS.

I'm SO tired but I thought I would make a post. I'll be gone most of the weekend in Layton for a Families Supporting Adoption Conference. I'm pretty stoked. Me and two girls will be getting a hotel room and it'll be fun to just RELAX. Oh man, how much I've missed relaxing since Virginia. I honestly came home to so much drama. I wanted to puke my guts out. Then I thought I'd have less hours at work but I came back to 30 hour weeks.

Well, I talked to N. Dun dun dun.

I asked him to help me out with something for the FSA conference and he's willing. And he's willing to meet D and V when they come out here in a few weeks for V's sister's wedding. We're talking tomorrow, probably just for a little bit because Layton is an hour and a half away. And I'm carpooling and we're planning to leave around 1. But I have to stop by his house.
I'm just kind of happy that he's actually being willing to help. So, I can't be mad at him. I just don't want him to do it if he's just being nice. But maybe he's being legit and really wants to try to be there. And now that I'm giving him suggestions what he can do, he's pretty cool with it.
I told him I decided he can be in the room, so I hope he doesn't make me regret my decision. :) ha. I know, threats aren't good. I just hope he knows that it's a privelege to be in the room, not a right.

I had my doctors appointment today. It was good. Ha.
I was waiting to go see the doctor and the receptionist said to me, "So how do you like The Bachelorette?" I said, "I don't know. I've never watched it." She was definitely on the phone with someone... I still felt like we bonded.
I'm measuring normal. I'm 164 pounds. Ew.
When the medical assistant was looking for the heartbeat you could hear mine and Olivia's at the same time. It was intense. Her heartbeat was 135 BPM.

Today at group was about bringing out your inner diva. I think I have that checked off my check list. I am a diva. Bring it.
After group, I locked my keys in my car. How embarrassing. Luckily, we were in the D.I. parking lot and this guy mysteriously knew how to break into cars. Ha. I felt like I should pay him. But I figure he'll be paid with blessings :)

Oh, so me and my friend went to Walmart after group to get snacks... I ran into N and then later I saw him with a girl... yep.
But, I decided not to care.

Because, I'm going on a date on Saturday.

RuthAnn already approves. :)

I hope he doesn't read this and think I'm a freak. I've honestly been on one date since I've been pregnant. I don't go out much. Probably just with friends to the movies. I don't go out much because I feel weird going out with guys. I don't feel weird going out with him because I know him.
He just got home from his mission a month ago.
He went to Brazil. It was cool because my dad went to Brazil, the Rio De Janeiro mission. That mission doesn't exist anymore. But the one this guy served was the North Rio mission which used to be just the Rio De Janeiro mission. He was pretty excited when he found out about my dad.
We knew each other before his mission, I actually dated one of his friends. Ha. Weird, I know.
But I'm excited. We're planning on going out to eat, maybe play Kingsburg with my fambam so he can talk to my dad, then go out to Salt Lake and walk around temple square. It'd just be fun and talk and catch up. Plus, there aren't any good movies out anyway.
P.S. He is aware of my situation and he doesn't care. :)

Well, I hope I come back to post with LOTS of pictures from the FSA conference and from my date. EEEEK.
OH! And on Sunday, my friend Michelle will be doing some maternity pictures for me. She got really excited from my last ones because I didn't care I was half naked. She just wants to undress me. HA. False.

I need my rest. Goodnight!


  1. Yay Stefanie! I'm glad you get to go to the FSA conference. My hubby and I leave to head out that way today. We are so excited!

    I'm also glad to hear that it seems like Nic may be coming around and realizing what he can do to try and support you this last little bit!

    OOOO and I can't wait to hear how your date goes :0)

  2. Very cool!
    I can't wait to see your pics from Michelle. :)

  3. So much exciting news!!!
    -The FSA Conference is supposed to be amazing..I wish we were in town and could go.
    -and we get to meet Nic? That will be wonderful! We are SO glad you are happy and at peace.
    -Hooray for the photo shoot with Michelle!
    -a "Ben"?

    I hope your parents are having a fun/romantic deffinitely looks like Kim is having a great time in OR. Anyway, I can't wait to hear about the conference and see maternity picts!!

  4. That is awesome that you're going on a date! ok... I know someone that just came back from his mission about a month ago... and he came from that same place... we might actually be talking about the same guy... Text ME Girl! Tell me all about it! And who it is! Cause if it is who I think it is... oh I am Jealous! But that's ok! Cause he is pretty much awesome! :D (if it is the guy I'm thinking of...) Because I had a little crush on him during my sophomore year! LOL ;)

  5. Rick&Liz- Don't be shy and say hi if you see me :) I probably don't look anything like I do in my pictures. ha.
    I look hugely pregnant, but I don't think I do in real life.

    Val- I'm so excited for the FSA conference. I bought a tape recorder so I can record some of the classes. And I'm taking notes to things that really stick out to me.
    You should be able to meet Nic. He said he was willing. But you should let me know the days you guys are out here and we'll plan a night and maybe go out to dinner?
    Whatever you feel is good. I'd like to be there. But I'll see if he wants me there.
    And this guy could be my "Ben" I'll write you an email. :)