Monday, July 6, 2009

T-Minus 11 hours

until I board the plane for Virginia.

Yeah, just so you know. You can fly while you're pregnant. The limit is at 30 weeks. I asked my doctor and she said it was fine for me to fly. You have to have your doctors permission.

Anyway, I decided I needed to clean my room and clean out my car so that way when I got home. I would be happy and come to a nice clean room... and car. ha.
My car was filled with McDonald's bags and Sonic cups. No lies.

I'm kind of wasting time right now with this blog so that way I don't have to go to sleep and just get on a plane and GO! I'm SO excited.

Well, here are some before and after pictures of my room. Warning. I probably hadn't cleaned my room since April. There was still Easter candy. EVERYWHERE.... or was it Christmas candy?

Please don't do a, "Where's Waldo?" and try to find like nasty underwear lying around my floor, perv.

So, I've waited until last minute to pack. I'm all packed.. except for my make up and shower things in the morning.
To make the time fly I decided that homemade chocolate chip cookies sounded DELICIOUS.

I was so proud of myself. Look at this fantastic cookie dough mixture.

Then, I made a BIG mistake. I didn't notice but I put in two TABLESPOONS of vanilla instead of two TEASPOONS. I didn't think it'd make that big of a difference... oh boy. I was wrong.

This is my failure of making chocolate chip cookies. I made a cookie soup. I tasted the cookie dough after I saw this.... it tasted like pure vanilla frosting.

I swear, it would only happen to me.

I think I'm going to take a shower and let it wash away my tears.


  1. omg wow you epically failed. how the heck does thst happen? its Stefanie's famous chocolate chip cookie recepie!

  2. yeah... you failed but Why do we fall? Just so We can push ourselves back up! :D hehehe! Have fun in Virginia! :D

  3. hahahahaha! That is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And your room was pretty much disgusting. My girls' room doesn't even get that bad... yet.

  4. Stefanie, I love you. Where have YOUUUUU been all MY life? Not practicing your cookie making skills apparently.

  5. have so so much fun in virginia. take lots of pictures and when you come back, we'll FINALLY get around to taking your maternity ones.

    p.s. good job on cleaning your room. now that you mention it, i am going to go look for crusty underwear to point out to you.

  6. don't worry Stefanie!! I will show you my FAVORITE chocolate chip cookie recipe. When you get home. seriously. You will love it and it's really easy.

    I hope you have fun in virginia!! I need to clean my room too...

  7. Yeah... Come to think of it... I need to clean my room bad! But then again... I'll be able to do it at the same time as packing up to move out of my house! :D

  8. Kristen- I like to call it chocolate chip cookie soup. I think since I was texting you and got so caught up in what I was sending I didn't put enough flour in it.

    Erika- Yet... just you wait.

    Justin- Of course I haven't been practicing my cookie making skills. I'm more in practicing the... baby making skills? Just saying not the actual... act to make a baby. But my body is making a baby? Ha. Ew. Anyway. E-mail me sometime:

    Michelle- Let me know when you find my nasty crusty underwear. It'll be an adventure.
    I'm excited to do the maternity pictures. It's cute the couple has a picture frame of Olivia's ultrasound and my senior picture in the middle. So they're like, "WE CAN'T WAIT FOR YOUR MATERNITY PICTURES TO PUT IN THERE!"

    Andee- I'm excited! I have craved homemade cookies and cookie dought since then. :(