Thursday, March 17, 2011

UBC Day 18

Day 18 — Write a letter to: The person that you wish you could be

Dear me I wish I could be,

I wish a lot of the time I could be more confident in what I do. It just takes time for me to warm up and to be in the groove of things then after a while I'm pretty comfortable. But a lot of the time, I will feel out of place. If I feel like I say something weird or repeat myself. I think about it constantly like, "Crap, I shouldn't have said that. Now I look like an idiot." I wish that it was just a natural ability for me but it's not. I can be pretty outgoing but if I feel out of place, I will kind of keep quiet and when it's the right time to say something, I will. I say it when it has meaning. I don't like talking just to hear myself talk (baha. wouldn't have ever guessed since I have a blog huh?).  So that's who I wish I could be in a nutshell.
Tell me: A song that you wish you heard on the radio
Anything by Tyler Ward or Julia Sheer. Feast on this ear candy. Apparently they hate each other now so they won't be doing anymore duets together. :( Or.... are they?

I want to know: About your best friend.
She's beautiful and my angel :)
I want to know Something you crave a lot.

Mint Oreo shakes. mmmmm.
I currently have one in my freezer and I might partake of it, in a minute.


  1. How can you have a blizzard in the freezer and not eat it? That is abuse of ice cream!!! haha

  2. Your letter to yourself is totally a letter I would write to myself! I am quiet, but I am not shy. Sometimes when I am with my really close friends I get all outgoing and think "dang, I wish I could be like this all the time with everyone." But I am just not. I catch myself wondering why I just said what I did about once a day. You are not alone sista!!

  3. Don't worry, I think everyone feels like that a lot. I always really admire people who always are able to find the right thing to say in a tight spot without making anyone feel uncomfortable.