Monday, March 14, 2011

UBC Day 15

Day 15 — Write a letter to: The person you miss the most

Dear the J's,
I was having a couple hard weeks where I just missed y'all insanely mucho. Just all of you. Being all in the same room and laughing. Catching up on life and playing Kingsburg (which we will need to do when you're out here!). I have missed all of your smiling faces and the warm, inviting, refreshing spirits you all have. You're just a breath of fresh air in my crazy muddled up life. Most days I wish you all lived close so we could hang out by a fireplace and drink hot cocoa in the middle of a snow storm in the cabin. Or have a picnic in a park. Just the simple things. I don't need a lot or something extravagant to spend a memory filled afternoon with you. I love you all and I'm excited to see you soon!

Tell me: A song that describes you

A song off of a Disney Channel movie. Camp Rock. I know. Ultra gay. But it's the only one I thought of. And I like this piano version of the song instead of the poppy version. I like both vocals.

I want to know: A poem you wrote.
I used to write A LOT of poetry growing up. Mostly in junior high I would always have a notebook on me.
I will show you two, a lot of my stuff was really depressing.

Sea Shore Pier.

By: Stefanie

Was it worth it all my dear?
Standing by that sea shore pier.
Letting the ocean swallow your tears,
And washing away your cares.

You had it with you and let it go,
Watching her walk right below.
Holding her arms and letting her cry,
Knowing you were in her arms makes you die.

Now it didn't last all that long,
And you thought it would make you strong.
You're ashamed of all of the wrongs,
And writing about her in your songs.

Can I make you forget it all?
And help you to make you stand tall?
But you won't let me come near,
Afraid it will all go unclear.

How come you remember the past?
And all the things that go by so fast?
If everything was worth it...
You wouldn't be throwing this fit.

So let the echo of the waves go by,
And remind yourself it was a living lie.
Let it all go, don't look behind,
Cause there is nothing left to find.

She won't run by your side anymore,
And she'll leave your mind more and more.
She's the one thing holding you back,
And not letting your life stay on track.

She's not worth the effort and time,
I'll be your partner in crime.
So when everything gets lonely,
I'll be your friend, your one and only. 

By: Stefanie

Just looking into space,
at her dinner plates.

Nothing has been touched,
and shoulders in a hunch.

Found into the thoughts unknown,
Something that's never been told.

Looking in a reflection of glass,
it's not a sight you always pass.

She's too small for her clothes,
She can hear peoples hushed tones.

More tiny as days go by,
And all she does is let out a sigh.

Staying in a corner so dark and deep,
Is a place she plans to weep.

Lessons of how young girls die,
Cause no one wanted to hear their cry. 

Show me Something you don’t leave the house without.

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