Friday, April 2, 2010

Day 14: Wife List

I was suggested to make a list of what makes me feel like I'm "good wife material." Sort of like this girl's blog. Her list is probably going to be better than mine. As being engaged, I'm pretty sure that means I'm good wife material. You don't get married hoping they'll turn out to be a good wife. What you do now, should affect you how you'll be a good wife.

*I like to work. Dedicated 3 years of my life at the dubs and now moving on to a better career :)

*I don't cake on my make up, it doesn't stick 3 inches off my face. I like to look au naturel.

*I'm a jeans and a hoodie type of girl. I don't need to get all dressed up. But it's fun every once in a while.

*I don't get scared in scary movies. I love them.

*I like to watch sports. College football, NBA, NFL, college basketball (I failed to fill out a bracket this year- been hecka busy). I bet you most girls needed to look up what NBA and NFL stood for and what a bracket even is. P.S. I'll probably yell louder than you in most games.

*I like all different types of music. I like to go to concerts and I do occasionally mosh :) I'm not afraid to get my butt kicked.

*I like backpacking, camping, outdoorsy type stuff. I'm not afraid to get a little dirty and not shower or shave for a few days.

*I like time by myself. I like going to the mall by myself. So I don't have to constantly be your little puppy dog that follows you around.

*I can cook. I know how to follow a recipe.

*I'll try anything new, once. If I like it, I'll continue.

*I'm a good listener... when I want to listen. I have selective hearing.

*When I make my bed, I like to leave little mints for myself on the pillow. What man doesn't like to find tasty treats?

*I like to save water... so showering... with... the dishes always helps with that :)

*I like dogs. But more of a cat person ;)

*I like doing laundry, only because I can snuggle with the warm clothes after they come out of the dryer.

*I'm experienced ;) Come on, I've already had a baby! haha.

And I'm quoting what Brianna wrote at the end of her blog, "Ladies, what qualities do you possess that puts you in the 'wifey material' category? Men, what things do you look for that makes somoene seem like they could possibly be... the one."

Update on wedding plans:

August 7 is still looking good. I'll let you know if that changes. Just with our schedules and stuff. We're making sure it's good with his work. He has to be at his work for 6 months before he can transfer. And he just transfered. So 6 months is October. We're hoping we don't have to wait until then. But we'll see.
Dress: Check
Photographer: Check
We still need to do engagements/bridals. We're thinking that will be done next month or in June.
We're still looking at places for receptions. Just something outside if it's in August. We'll be looking at directions for that. We have ideas for what we want to do for the center pieces and what will be served. But it's still in the making.
I'll probably be looking at bridesmaid dresses next weekend.
So much to do!

126 days until I'm Mrs. Stefanie Despain :)


  1. You are going to make a great wife... not because of all those things on your list (although they help ;) but because you love him and he loves you and thats all that matters right :)

  2. Oh my gosh showering with the dishes LOL!!
    you too funny....but seriously can you teach me how to cook ??
    jk sort of....This was a cute post. good idea!