Saturday, April 24, 2010

7 Months Old

Little Olivia 7 months old on April 23
I can't believe how fast these 7 months have just flown by.

Olivia is the little social butterfly.
She can crawl.
She likes bananas and yogurt.
She definitely doesn't get her love for fruit or yogurt from me.
I despise both things.
I know... How do I survive?

The adoption finalized on April 14.

I'll be 20 on Monday!


  1. I didn't know that you don't like yogurt. Yay for your birthday. Any b-day plans?

  2. @Michelle. Thank you :)

    @Val. Tayler is down for the weekend and we're going to Jump On It on Monday for my actual birthday. I haven't been there yet. But I'm stoked. I'm going with some girls from work and of course, Tayler.

  3. Olivia is beautiful! Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great one tomorrow :)