Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 12: Sisterhood of the Maternity Pants

I've been following a blog called The Sisterhood of the Maternity Pants. It's a local blog made by birthmoms in the American Fork area who go to LDS Family Services. The blog is for expectant parents, birth parents, birthmoms who have placed, and even for adoptive couples.
The expectant parents can kind of get an idea of what life will be like after placement. And it gives girls who have placed a chance to open about their adoption experience. They use pseudo names (nick names) so they can freely express themselves without worrying about judgement by others. Or if girls have kept their pregnancy and adoption plan a secret, they can talk about it. Blogging in a way is like a journal.

This is the introduction to the blog.

Welcome to the Sisterhood of the Maternity Pants the American Fork Chapter. This site was made by some birth mothers from the American Fork Agency. You don't have to be from American Fork, Utah to be able to join this blog.

If you would like to join the blog, we are blogging on specific topics each month. We'll keep you updated. Or if you feel like you need to get something off your mind you can write a blog. We do accept ideas (: Type your blog post in some sort of word program and attach it to an e-mail. We will keep all names, including ours, confidential. We would like it be that way so you are able to express yourself without others find out about your adoption experience. It's very therapeutic to write out your feelings and especially during all different stages in your life. Such as grief and joy. Don't be afraid to express your SOUL. We would like to keep it pretty positive as well, but it is also good to include the negative thoughts and feelings, so that way we aren't sugar coating all the hurt involved with placing our babies for adoption, and that it always isn't butterflies and rainbows.

This month (December) can be introductions to all the girls who are willing to post about their pregnancy/adoption experience. It can be as long or as short as you want it to be. You can make up your own alias or we can come up with one for you and your birth child. (We would prefer you make up your own so it's special and personal for you. Such as a nickname you were called in high school or a nickname you have for your child. It can also be different names like a character from your favorite movie, your favorite band, whatever you want.)

Example: The two administrators for this site are two birth mothers. Stella and Curly Sue. I'm pretty sure it's a given those aren't our real names. You'll never know.

If you feel this site might benefit for other birth mothers that you know, let them be aware. You can give them our e-mail address as well and the blog address. This is for all of you to be able to share you adoption experiences in a healthy and anonymous way and also for other girls that might be in our same predicament, and look into her options.

Please inform us if you would like to be apart of The Sisterhood of the Maternity Pants (Haha!). Thanks!

If you would like to follow this blog. You can do it publicly or privately in the Follow This option in the side bar.

Adoptive Families are also welcome to follow and get an inside look at the thoughts and feelings of a birth mother through either a closed or open adoption. We would like to protect the privacy of other's journeys.
If you are involved in any part of adoption such as a couple hoping to adopt, been blessed through adoption, or have a birth mom blog of your own. Let us know and we'll put your link up on the side.

E-mail address:

Thanks for looking at our site and hope you are willing to become apart of it. We're all here for each other. (:

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