Monday, December 14, 2009

Apparently, I'm judgemental.

A comment from anonymous:

"Hooray for LDSSingles dot com. It's good to know that, paraphrasing your words, there is an online haven for the weird and/or perverted LDS men and for the girls who "make mistakes" but are still judgmental!"

Dear anonymous,

You sound a bit bitter.

The judgemental girl that makes mistakes.



  1. Wow, really, anonymous?

    I love how the people who make comments like that never use a name. It's easy to be a bitter jerk when you're anonymous.

    For what it's worth (since I only know you in an internet sort of way), you've never struck me as a particularly judgmental person.

  2. Hahaha, oh anonymous people. I had an anonymous person comment yesterday, saying that didn't the birth father have just as much rights as me? I explained that in utah, the birth mothers get all the rights. They wrote back saying "Ok. I thought the mormon church hated women, so thats surprising. I thought the law would follow the church." Uh, ok? haha, sorry about the comment. Im glad that you can look past it :)

  3. I guess these anonymous people need to do a little bit more research/educate themselves before they start judging. Agree? Agreed.

  4. I agree! They are just ridiulous! :P And Stupid! How long is your boy going to be down? I'll be in Lehi for a bit today... I got my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday.... Is he planning on moving down here?

  5. Hooray for anonymous posters. Cause they're not judgmental at ALL.

  6. I DON'T think you are judgmental;
    however I'm going to play devil's advocate with the comment. :)

    I think the commentator has contemplated becoming or is a member of and is a great person (like Tayler) and doesn't want the website to be saddled with negative reputations. That's all.
    I think in an ideal world would much more widely used and have the powerful ability to unite people of similar standards who wouldn't have met otherwise.

  7. My best friend found his wife online. They are a beautiful, normal couple and I love them.

    I agree with the comments above, Annonymous is bitter and judgemental. But I want to add to that, that they are kind of a loser too. How pointless and sad that they have to try to drag you down.

  8. what the heck?? what makes them come to YOUR blog and say that??

    Pretty sure you're NOT judgemental. Pretty sure you're amazing. and pretty sure you are one of the coolest people I Know.

    Just sayin.

  9. I agree with Andee! All the freaking way!!! They're stupid for Judging you!

  10. i love you stef...and it is ridiculous that someone called a birth mother judmental. stupid people. yuck

  11. Well, I don't have an account with which to identify myself, so anonymous is the only way that I can leave a comment.

    I have no problem with you in general, I just thought it was a little low to in essence bite the hand that fed you by stating how you found this great guy at LDS Singles, while at the same time trashing it for whatever your perceived problems with it are.

    I have never used an online dating site and therefore cannot be bitter about it. I merely thought you chose your words poorly. But hey, you're 19, so no big deal right? Live and learn and all that. I certainly didn't think my commments would warrant a post all their own. I'm touched. I apologize if I indeed hurt your feelings.

    Perhaps you can help clarify Alyssa's comment about ridiculousness. Have birth mothers cornered the market on compassion and lack of judgmentality (if that's even a word)? Are we to assume that because a birth mother has made the sacrifice of placing a child for adoption that she has a monopoly on suffering and therefore is above reproach? I'm not trying to be intentionally inflammatory or offensive here, I'm wondering if that's what she means. Because if it is, I think she's in for a rude awakening as her life progresses.

  12. Well, let me clarify it for you anonymous. Before my subscription ended I wrote that blog. And probably around the same time I met Tayler. So I had no idea who he was and how amazing of a guy he turned out to be.

    I was not expecting it at all from a dating website and it was a huge surprise.

    I wrote a post all by itself so you can be aware what you were saying was contradicting as you were calling me judgmental, when you were being judgmental yourself. That's all (:

    I'm just wondering what gives you the right to come onto my blog and tell me what I "need" to learn and I guess being 19 you can still learn. I guess you're inferior and have learned everything right?

  13. Your allowing anonymous comments doesn't necessarily grant me the right to comment on your blog, but it certainly grants me the opportunity.

    You're correct, my comments were somewhat judgmental, so there is a bit of irony in my rebuke, which is always great. I never stated or implied that it was something you "needed" to learn. I was just commenting on what I thought you meant.

    I wish reiterate that I am not trying to be inflammatory and I apologized for offending you previously. To the extent that you are a fellow wanderer on this planet I have a stake in your well-being, but as a practical matter we mean nothing to each other. Whether you continue to insult, intentionally or not, your fellows in the online community is nothing more than a passing concern to me. I will do my best to refrain from continuing in such practices in the comment sections of random blogs :)

    I have overstayed my welcome on these shores and will bid you adieu, but would like to answer your last question. I AM indeed inferior to most you'll meet, but I have not learned everything. I wish you well in your endeavors

  14. Anonymous,
    You over stayed your welcome when you posted rude things on not only stef's blog, but mine AND mariel's blog. If you don't know how something works, you had better ask in a kind way to avoid insulting people. From your tone, most would say that you are trying to be inflammatory. (hi, thanks for making me cry for hours from your comment on my blog.)

    If you had read Stef's, Mariel's, and my blogs completely, and with a heart of understanding and acceptance, I believe you would see the ridiculousness of your comment. No, not every birth mother can be put under the umbrella of being non-judgmental. I, personally, have be judged by a lot of people, and probably more that I don't even know about. Especially when I was pregnant and single. Because I know Stefanie personally, and I know her to be non-judgmental, it was offensive to me that someone would accuse her of being so.

    If you admit yourself that she is only 19, then why try to correct her and teach her what is appropriate to say on her own blog?

    I think I can safely speak for Stef and Mariel when I say-- please don't come to our blogs again. EVER. Kthanks.