Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas (:

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Jesus was adopted today (:

Congrats to a friend of mine who had her baby yesterday,
she's placing her son with a wonderful family.
I hope she spends a beautiful Christmas with her son.
My prayers are with her.

Happy birthday to Bree's birthson today!
She placed him 8 years ago.

Adoption REALLY is all about LOVE.

I got to see Olivia on her 3 month mark.
We got a picture with a mall Santa.
Pictures to come SOON.

6 days until my Christmas present (:

I just wanted to share this poem that Bree wrote for her birthson, which I think is beautiful.
I cry every time I read it.
I hope she doesn't mind that I post this.

The morning I'll always remember
was a cold and wintry one
Others awoke to gifts under a tree
I never slept awaiting a son
That Christmas morning I will always remember
the wait for a son I will never forget

A Merry Christmas day has come
I knew only to be full of cheer
but as I lay there waiting
I knew things were different this year
and that cold feeling I will always remember
each Christmas I will never forget

Minutes build into hours
I shut my eyes so tight
wishing so hard I could stand up and leave
with no trace nor an infant in sight
and that desperate wish I will always remember
would could have been I will never forget

prisoner of a foreign bed, peace before the storm
silence broken by the large beep of a tiny heart
reminding me he is there
can I? will I? go on without that heart?
A burning question I will always remember
praying for an answer I will never forget

The time has come, nine months paid off
fears surrender to work and strain
Reward soon follows as tiny hand curls round a finger
A most precious moment washed away by tears of pain
that soft warm touch I will always remember
Cold hard tears I will never forget

Sweet Angel, sweet Christmas so pure, fresh
Do you hear me? do you feel me? please say you know me
All I have is this mothers kiss to hold you until forever
Three short days I held that precious baby
Every hour I will always remember
Each moment I will never forget

The time has come, nine months are done....dues are to be paid
I sing a soft weak song goodbye to my gentle newborn friend
only I can hear my heart screaming and only I taste whats in these tears
When it's hard to say good-bye and let go and it's hard to see it end
that song I will always remember
My newborn friend I will never forget

So with one last kiss and a whisper, I left him and how I cried
I ached because you will not hear or feel me
and I sobbed because you will not touch or be near me
and most of all in spite of it all I cried because you will forget me
and I still cry because I will always remember
and my birth son I will never forget


  1. That's a really beautiful poem! :D I'll keep her in my prayers! And I hope everything goes well for her! :D hehe! I was listening to the words of a Song called "A King is Born" from the Church videos! :D this Christmas Season, and There is a line in there that says. "A Mother for love and another for birth." I almost Cried! I have never thought of Christ's birth as a form adoption! And practically we've all been spiritually adopted. Cause we have 2 sets of parents. Our Heavenly Parents and our Earthly parents! And those that have been placed for adoption are Lucky! They have three sets of parents, Heavenly parents, Birth Parents and Adoptive parents! I hope Olivia knows that she is definitely Loved by the "Parent Triangle" Cause they all definitely Love her! ;) Happy 3 months Olivia! :D