Sunday, June 20, 2010

Poppa and Momma

So I thought I would make a blog in honor of my father for father's day. Shoot.

My dad grew up with all brothers. Now imagine having to raise 6 daughters. I'm sure when we were younger and crying my dad wanted to say, "Rub some dirt in it and stop crying." My dad was also in the military for 25 years and retired as a Lt. Colonel in the Army. So yes, I am an Army brat. But my dad is a very caring and compassionate person. I'm sure it helps to raise 6 girls and all their emotions with it. But he's a pretty cool dad. He has his quirks.

Here's an example from this morning. I woke up fairly early to go to a friend's homecoming and his meeting was at 9. My bedroom door is right next to the garage door. I went to go downstairs to grab some clothes out of my room and the garage door was open and it was dark in there and I hear this deep voice coming from the depths of darkness saying, "Good morning." I, of course, jumped. That's something from a scary movie! I got really irritated and said, "Good morning, don't do that ever again." Haha. Nice way to start of Father's day right?

My dad was always gone a lot doing stuff for the military. But I remember visiting him at work and playing in the little sand box with the army figurines. And when we would travel and stay at hotels, without fail we would be at the pool and he'd be throwing us around in it. I've always known my dad as caring for others and sympathizing with them. I'm sure he has been disappointed in his daughters at one point or another but he has never turned the other cheek. He has always opened his arms and helped them through what they were going through. That's probably where I get my compassion from ;) haha.

He is a big game player. I'm sure tonight he'll want to break out some Kingsburg or Settlers of Catan. He loves his movie and his Perry Mason tv shows. There has been a few times when I've wanted to catch up on American Idol and he'd be watching his show. I curse at comcast sometimes for playing his show. But he enjoys it.

My dad is one spiritual guy. He was a singles ward bishop for a while. So it's good to hear his counsel and I really take it to heart. I love my dad and for everything he has done. :) haha. I hope my mom doesn't hate me for not making a blog for her for mother's day. Maybe I'll just do a quick belated one.

My mom... oh gosh. I serioulsy just have to chuckle everytime I think about my mom. She is just so funny. From her fro to her forgetfulness. It's just so easy to tease her. But my mom seriously my rock. Growing up, I didn't have a good relationship with my mom. My friends were more important as a teenager, duh. Ever since me and J broke up and I started dating Nic I would talk to my mom more. I seriously can tell you that she's my best friend. I probably wouldn't have said that 4 years ago. But she is.

I will tell her things when I'm upset and she's willing to listen. Even when she's at work and I just want to vent. She'll be like, Well. I'm sorry. Sometimes she'll just agree with me when I believe people are being stupid about things. She'll give me her advice but she has never been one to tell me to do one thing or another. She has always been supportive of my decisions, even if they weren't good ones. I'm sure she'd be disappointed but she's always been there.

I look up to my mom. She's such a genuinely sweet lady. I love her to death. :) I hope to be an awesome mom and and wife that she is. I mean, she cooks, she cleans, she's a gardener. She is just so versatile. I don't know how she does it all. She is just very balanced especially in her spirituality. Her spirit just lights up a room when she's bearing her testimony. I've seen her bear it many times at Church and it's so strong and amazing.

I love both of my parents. :)

This is my fambam.

Happy father's day to all you father's and father's-to-be. I also would like to say happy father's day to Dustinn. Adoption is just so awesome. And I know Dustinn is an awesome dad to little Olivia. And to see how much she just loves on him is amazing. I knew in my heart, that if I would've kept Olivia I don't think that she would've had that father figure in her life. And I'm so grateful that she does now.

I get to see Dustinn, Valery, Bradshaw, and Olivia today. In about 5 hours :) It's been 6 months. Holy cow. Don't worry. I'll post MANYYYYYYYYY pictures. As many as I can.

Love you all.


  1. Awwww thanks for posing this. :) It's fun to hear your perspective. :)

  2. From one Army Brat to another, I hope you have a great visit! You have a beautiful family, btw :)