Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Tayler turned 22 on June 7!

First I surprised him with breakfast in bed.
I know, I'm super hot and he's super lucky to wake up to THAT every morning.
Not the breakfast in bed, my face. haha.

We planned on going to Seven Peaks for his birthday.
It was a BLAST.

After that, we went home and got ready to go to the Pizza Factory for his birthday.
Then to a movie of his choice, Prince of Persia.
I thought this was a perfect photo op. Proof that we celebrated the day of his birth.

Mmmm. Dessert! Never on "Sundae"

And this, my friends, is my new computer. :) My graduation present from my parents!
It's a touch screen desktop. I'm on it right now doing this blog!

Happy birthday, Tayler. I LOVE YOU!


  1. Hi Stefanie
    I stumbled upon your blog from the Adoption Voices website. Just wanted to say I'm really enjoying it and your little girl is a doll.

    Michelle B

  2. Whoa I don't know whats better the touch screen or the breakfast in bed! congrats on graduation! you two are such a cute couple

  3. Happy Birthday to Tayler. I didn't realize he was that much taller than you. Cool computer. :)

  4. That is a way cool touch screen :) I want one! Lucky girl! Happy Birthday Tayler! So great of you to do that for him. That is something we do in our family too. One year, my 4th child/daughter requested to eat her cake in the tub! LOL she is such a goof. But I love that you celebrate that day that way :)