Sunday, February 7, 2010

Harry Potter Wedding?

Tell me:

Yay or Nay

Maroon, Yellow, Grey, White wedding colors?
Summer/Fall wedding.

Groomsmen would wear a grey suit with a maroon or yellow tie/vest. Thank you, Justin for being my model.

Bridesmaids/Ladies of Honor would wear a white shirt with a grey skirt or just a grey dress with a maroon or yellow cardigan. Examples below.

Honestly, Do these colors remind you of Harry Potter? Gryffindor?

Please cast your vote/opinions via comments.

I vote NAY. I really like those colors together and it does NOT remind me of Harry Potter.

Harry Potter Wedding= My future husband wearing his glasses and drawing a lightning bolt on his forehead and I dye my hair SUPER red. Then instead of doves in my wedding, I would have owls and have candles hanging from the ceiling. I would also require for everyone to wear a robe or a snuggie backwards as they walk into the "great hall" aka reception. And everyone would have to wear the sorting hat and I'd already have 4 tables set up with the signs of Gryffindor (for people who are apart of the wedding including myself at this table), Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw for everyone else. Instead of a dance floor, we would have a Quidditch tournament and everyone would ride around on broom sticks. I would hand out wands with me and my husband's name and wedding date on it as wedding favors.

NOT happening.


  1. I like them! It doesn't remind me of Harry Potter at all!

  2. As a HP fan, I will tell you that this does NOT remind me of it. I think it's beautiful!

  3. Ohh! I love it!! Doesn't remind me of HP!

  4. You know what Harry potter or not! I like the color ideas! :D I think it is really cute! And besides, It doesn't even remind me of Harry potter. :D I think it's cute and totally should do it! :D Have you guys talked about marriage? I'm just asking... you know? doesn't hurt to ask...

  5. If you make me wear a yellow cardigan I will scratch my eyes out. I mean, if I'm a bridesmaid... er matron. Other than that I love the colors.

  6. I freakin love these colors and it does not in any way remind me of harry potter! So i say go for it. its so different and beautiful!

  7. Hey Stefanie! I'm going to email you soon (it will be a long email) to tell you about a major something going on with our adoption....much of which has to do with you :) It's all great....and as soon as I have time, I can't wait to tell you how your honesty and transparency as a birthmom "altering" our adoption course :)

  8. Oh! I'm stoked. I can't wait to read it!

  9. I just had stop by again to say how awesome that Snape Mii is. Hahaha. The eyebrows kill me!

  10. I know. I now have a secret desire to make HP characters on my Wii. Or Twilight.