Thursday, February 18, 2010

V-day Vacay

I have abandoned the blog for the past few days were spent with my adorable boyfriend. Thank you very much. If you weren't aware. It's a long distance relationship. He lives in Boise. We meet in the middle in Burley, Idaho where his family lives. On Sunday, I told him I would go there early in the morning and go to Church with his family just so he didn't have to make a 5 hour drive to Utah and drive back down together in one car. Well, Saturday night, I made the spur of the moment decision to just drive after work since I got off at 10 and make the 2 1/2 hour drive to Burley. He gets off work at 1 and is planning on staying with his friends. So I called his friends to see if they were okay with me coming over and surprising him. So I brought my post-it notes and wrote these cute little notes all over them and stuck them to the walls. It's a 2 hour drive from Boise. So I stayed up with his friend AJ, She and I just kind of talked and chilled out while I made the notes and she was totally down with me surprising him. I'm a romantic. What can I say? (Alyssa gave me the idea, actually, I can't take all the credit) So I got anxious and honestly was looking out the peephole the whole time until I saw him coming upstairs to the apartment. I ran into the pantry and he saw the post-it notes and he asked AJ what they were for. She said they were for her husband for Valentine's day and the surprise was in the pantry. I had butterflies in my stomach. It has been a month (ohh boo hoo. A whole month. I know.) And his jaw was seriously on the floor when he saw me, and I just said, "Uhhh hi!" I didn't really anticipate his reaction and I didn't know what to say when I saw him. He was speechless and the first thought was, "Does he not recognize me?!"

He gave me this beautiful necklace for V-day. We went to Church with his family in the morning and I went to nursery with his mom. She's a nursery leader. Then we had a big lunch with his family then we went back to Utah to see my family. He drove and he let me sleep on the drive. How sweet of him :)

We had dinner with my family and watched the Olympics.

The next day, we decided to go look at temples for a future reference :) Our travels were first to Oquirrh Mountain Temple. We got to the front and someone had placed roses and roses petals by the fountain and this guy ran up and put a note on there. Definitely proposing to someone. It made me WAY jealous. Not my proposal :( Someday soon. I hope :)

The second one, The Draper Temple. Probably our favorite of the ones that we went to see.

He told me to look off into the distance like I was thinking. I liked the windows.

The third temple was the Mount Timpanogos Temple. This one is closer to my house. I definitely like this temple. My sister Erika got married in that one. It was gated off so we couldn't really walk the grounds. But we still thought it was beautiful and it was dusk at the time.

We had steak for dinner that night. He helped my dad out with that. So yummy :) The next day we were sort of lazy and just sat at home and watched Extreme Makeover Home Edition. I can't watch that show without crying. So Tayler made fun of me for it. We went to institute that night. It wasn't an awful experience but in both classes we talked a lot about repentance. The last class we were pretty much pooped. We did talk a lot about forgiving others towards the end. Others who have harmed us which was a pretty good portion of the lesson. I'll have to go more into that later.

We had lots of fun with the webcam. On Wednesday, we met up with one of his really good friends and her husband and went out to lunch. After that we went to Burley again. I had a girls night with his mom, his little sister, and his mom's friend. We saw Dear John. Very interesting. I LOVED the book. Not so much the movie.

Today was the last day we spent together. He got his haircut. And he looks so handsome. But he does either way to me :) And we honestly just cuddled the whole day and didn't want to leave. Blah. It's going to be so nice if he moves closer to me and I'll hopefully get to see him more. Then it won't be like forever before we see each other again. It honestly feels like the longest wait and then when we're with each other time goes by SO fast. Totally not fair.

When I got home I had two little packages for me from Virginia :) Val sent me these REALLY DARLING charms to put on a necklace or a bracelet. Two of them are the same but one of them is for my mom. The little pictures are just on these little wooden scrabble pieces. How creative! I totally want to learn how to make them. I put the last two charms on my necklace. I thought it was sweet when Tayler gave me the necklace he said, "It's an O for Olivia." He adores the little princess. One of the many things that I love about him. Val also sent me a picture of Olivia with Santa. And that's on my fridge.

Dustinn and Val are pretty much the BEST. They are so awesome to me. And they send me videos and pictures of her on my phone. I got to hear her laugh for the first time on video the night I saw Dear John. And it was definitely a bittersweet moment. I love how cute she is but I hate how that's the only way I'm going to watch her grow up. Through pictures/videos and occasional visits. But I cherish them with all my heart. It's better than nothing.
I'm so VERY grateful for them and all that they do for me. :)


  1. Timpanogos all the way! I'm soooo excited!

    What a cute idea to put baby pics on the scrabble tiles! I know how to do it, maybe I should...


    I told you I wanted to meet him.
    I'm still waiting Stef.

  3. I totally thought about calling you! Don't be a hater. "You're always in my heart, you're always on my mind."- Keith Urban. Cherish. You'll meet him soon. No worries. :)

  4. Hi. I stalk you blog. Cause I think you're hot. Those pictures on the scrabble tiles is a great idea! We should play around with that, Stef! I have this awesome glue that I can't remember the name of...I know...I'm weird cause I get excited about my glue. But it really is AMAZING. Ps, I cry through that show too... always. except for that episode with the muppets. that one was a bit weird.

  5. I Love the Idea that Valery used!! So cute!!! I Love it! And I'm so dang excited for you for when ever you'll be marrying him!! He's so dange cute! And I Haven't met him yet! I just like hearing and seeing the fact that you're happy like crazy!!! Love ya tons! <3

  6. My favorite picture is the one where you're kissing the side of Tayler's face--Tayler has such a good smile, such a good-looking couple.
    Such a joyful & romantic date to go look at temples. :)
    Thanks for the shout-out! I glad you like the pictures/videos. As for the pendants, really all the credit goes to my friend Penny.