Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Hey, I know I rarely ever do these but they're SO MUCH fun when I do. :) So my friend from Bluebird Pictures, Bree, asked me host this giveaway. I think I met her almost 2 years ago. I met her while I was pregnant. She has a personality that will light up a room.

Well, Bree is an aspiring photographer. She has recently started her own business. She would like to do a photo session giveaway and since it was recently Birthmother's/Mother's day. She would like to do this in honor of Birthmoms (You don't have to be a birthmom to win this giveaway)! I support this ;) And you want to know something extra special about Bree? She placed a baby for adoption 8 1/2 years ago so she's a birthmom too! She's my role model birthmom :)

You know A-families would be a perfect gift for the birthparents in your life? Some fabulous pictures :) Or hoping to adopt? This would be some great pictures to put on your profile or pass along cards. I know when my A-family was in town what I really wanted for my birthday was to take some pictures (the timing just didn't work when they were here to do them). So birthmoms- if the adoptive family lives close by take some pictures with them. :) Or if they live far away you can send some to them or maybe a cute new facebook profile pic-pic. :)

Here are the guidelines:

Anyone can enter including adoptive families/couples/or if there are some peeps out there that aren't involved in adoption but you HAVE to love adoption. No adoption haters.

The session will include:

Time, talent
10 edited images on a disc
choice of location or studio
an 8x10 of your choice

To enter, you need to follow MY blog. Bluebird's photography blog. And "like" Bree's photography page- Bluebird Pictures on Facebook
Also you need to leave a comment who this is for. :) i.e. I'm a birthmom. I'm an adoptive mom. I'm an adoptee. I'm a friend of so and so who's a birthmom. I love adoption. One of my family members is adopted. My friend is adopted. Whatever it is :)

You need to comment on THIS post to be qualified stating that youv'e met the criteria :)
-Follow My Blog
-Who this is for/why you love adoption

Feel free to share this on your Facebook or blog. I want EVERYONE in Utah to know about this :)

And if you don't win this giveaway, feel free to look at her services. She has very affordable prices!! She's doing some "bridals" for me coming up. :) I'm SO excited!

The deadline for this giveaway is: Sunday, May 15th 11:59 P.M.
We will randomize the name on Monday.

Love Adoption <3


  1. Thanks so much for posting this. I've actually seen Bree's website before through another friend of mine (Crystal Mills who is also an adoptive mother). We are adoptive parents of a sweet little 2 1/2 year old girl through LDSFS. In April we started the approval process to adopt again through LDSFS and would love to have our family photo taken for our online profile. Bree took some beautiful pictures of my friend Crystal and her two birthmom's and I love the idea of having a photo shoot with our birthmom.

  2. This is awesome :) I am hoping to place my child for an adoption, and am an adoptee myself. Adoption truly is a miracle!

  3. My husband is a birthfather :)

    No I'm not actually entering, just wanted to say I love that you are getting "bridals" done, as soon as I fit into my dress again (lol) I'm getting some done

  4. I'm totally entering. I follow your blog and her blog and I like her on Facebook. This would be for me if I'm in Utah because I totally want to meet her. And I love adoption because of you. :)

  5. Darn blogspot! As an adoptee and hopefully soon to be birthmom, I LOVE adoption! :)

  6. I love adoption!

    Count me in! :) This is for ME, baby! Well, an our birth parents. I love to send them goodies from our pro shoots. :)

    I meet all of the criteria above.

  7. I entered Stef for the heck of it! haha! But I hope someone that is hoping to adopt or a birth mom will win because it's those that deserve it! Congratulations to whoever wins! Cause this is an amazing Drawing!

  8. I meet all the criteria, and I'm a birthmom! Count me in. I would use this session for me :)

  9. I met all the criteria and I'm planning on adopting in several years when we have the money and a less crazy life. I would totally use this session for an updated family picture.

  10. My husband is birthfather :-) that's why I LOVE adoption!

  11. i am following on fb and both blogs!! My hubby and I are gonna need pix very soon!!

  12. I meet the criteria. I love adoption. I'm a birthmom. I would use the photshoot for me and my husband. We had our anniversary last month and weren't able to be together for it. He graduates next month and we have been apart since end of March. It would be wonderful to have some new professional pictures.

  13. I'm a birthmom and in major need of new pics of me and my daughter! Love bree's work too! This is maren my google won't work. Grrrrr....

  14. I love adoption! I am a mother to my two sweet twin girls because of the miracle of adoption. I would love to win a photo session. I love photography, too! We are going to need some updated pix soon - we hope to be approved for our next adoption by next month! Our beautiful birth mother loves pictures of her girls!

    I follow Stephanie, Bluebird's blog & I have been a fan on FB for awhile.


  15. awesome!!! we'd use this to update our adoption profile. i follow both blogs, and like blue bird on FB!! She does a fabulous job!! Adoption is just a miracle. great way to help each other through life's journey. birth families, especially birth moms, are my heroes!

  16. I love adoption because I love you. :) Enter me. :)

  17. I did all three!
    And I love adoption. My brother and sister in law adopted TRIPLETS almost four years ago and they are such a blessing to our family!!!

  18. I'm a birthmother, and I love adoption. This would be either for me when my little boy's family visits for my wedding (eeeeeeeeeeeee!!!) or to do engagement photos! (double eeeeeeeeeee!)
    I'm following both blogs, and FB!