Friday, January 7, 2011


Happy New Year! Yeah, only a week late. Yesterday was my niece's birthday! Happy birthday Sweetie! I will definitely have to make a video or something soon. ;) I know I haven't updated really since like Christmas. And you're probably curious about the holidays. You may or may not be. But who cares. You're going to hear about it. :)

My sister, Erika, came into town visiting from Oregon with her family. I'm not gonna lie I have THEE cutest nieces and nephew. You should probably read her blog because she'll be updating more than me. But I thought I'd post some pictures.

Christmas Eve we went over to my family's house after work and we did the nativity devotional. We dressed up as shepherds for the nativity.

My niece "Ballerina" was the best pregnant Mary, I had ever seen.

 We opened the traditional pajama presents on Christmas Eve. :)

That evening we drove back to our apartment and Christmas morning we drove to back to my parents house to see what Santa brought us. We had breakfast (well, everyone else had breakfast while I slept) and then we opened presents. And the rest of the day we played games and such.

Oh and the day after Christmas we skyped with D & V and got to see B & Olivia :) They were so stinking CUTE!

We've been doing a ton of fun things while my sister has been in town. We spent a day in Salt Lake and we went to the Children's Museum, The Lion House, went on a horse carriage ride and saw the lights at Temple Square.

We went on a double date with Erika and my brother in-law. There was a massive snow storm so we stayed close and went to The Dubs and a movie. We saw the new Narnia movie.

I will also be pretty soon looking for a new job for dental assisting. If anyone knows anything in Utah County for a dental assistant job (not dental hygienist), let me know! That'd be great!

That's one update. I have to go to work now. So I possibly may update again soon.


  1. Which sister is getting married?

  2. CUTE pictures! Where they all taken with your new camera.. so jealous ;)

  3. Sounds like everyone had a woooooooonderful Christmas with Sweetie, Ballerina, Captain A (and of course their parents) in town. Your parents are such loving grandparents. Looks like all the sisters had a fun time together too.