Thursday, January 21, 2010

1 Year Ago, Today.

A year ago, today, I found out I was pregnant with little Olivia.

In honor of this, I decided to take a pregnancy test.

In the words of Maury, "You are not the father."

In the words of me, "You are not pregnant."

It feels great to kick the world's a##.



  1. haha! I laughed out loud at this. You really took a pregnancy test!? that's hilarious

  2. was there a chance you could have been prego?! Are you relieved??! Well congrats I think? haha

  3. I'm so happy you did this!! But now every one is going to think I copied you...oh well! I copy you all the time...:) I love you!!

  4. NOOOO. No chance I can be pregnant. I was going to put that but I thought people would understand. Bummer.

  5. Agreed!!

    This was awesome, and something I would totally do, just to stick it to the world. Isn't it amazing to think of the difference one year can make in someone's life?

  6. Haha! I Laughed like crazy! I pretty much caught on! LOL ;) You are so funny Stef! Love ya! <3 :D