Monday, July 19, 2010

The Day in the Life of SJ

Someone asked me on my formspring to write about my day and what goes on. Just a day to day thing. I wish I could do it everyday but my schedule is conflicting :) So this is one of the days in the life of Stefanie Jinelle (SJ). BTW. I also got the stomach flu this past week. It got pretty bad and had to call in sick for two days of work. I got burned like the first night I came back. A girl ran into me while I was carrying some soup and it spilled all over my hand. You can say that I was NOT a happy camper the rest of the night. I have some blisters on my fingers on my left hand. Saturday has been a pretty productive day for me. My mom and I had planned on meeting with Sweet Treats to have a consultation for the wedding cake. It was in Herriman and there is a Tai Pan in Sandy and we had been looking for centerpieces.

Our meeting was at 1. So we left around 11:30 and got to Tai Pan and went browsing. We were looking for these yellow pots that my mom had purchased early to put as centerpieces but they were all out of them. We found these really pretty centerpieces.

I had just envisioned putting flowers in them. Not so "Beauty and the Beast"esque. Just flowers. Red and Yellow. My colors :) We had a bit of a dilemma. We have 8 tables. We found 8 of them... 3 different sizes. 4 large. 3 medium. 1 small. We were hoping to call the other Tai Pan stores to see if they had them. But we had to leave to meet with the cake lady.

The above yellow vase is what we were looking for.

The below is the first one we bought which will have a big flower arrangement in it :)
Which led my mom to buying the above to match it.

We had our consultation and I brought in my colors and some pictures of cakes that I liked. We have designed a 4-tier cake and it'll look extremely beautiful. I seriously can't wait for this to all come together. Now that time is getting closer (2 months and 5 days) I get more and more excited for the day and how beautiful it really is going to be. I'll be able to relax on that day and see all my dreams come true. I know right now I might complain and be sick of it. But what girl could really be sick of planning her dream wedding? Some things are frustrating and time consuming but other than that, it's magical.

Oh and you'll have to come because the cake is FABULOUS.

We were talking to the cake lady about cake stands and cake toppers and she said that we could find some at Hobby Lobby. We went to Hobby Lobby and found THEE cutest picture frames that we could use to put as centerpieces. There are 16 of them but they're all different but they all tie together. I'm a big antique fan. I love the antique look of things.

When we got back to Tai Pan they said they called the Clearfield store and they didn't have any there. They called the Orem store and they said they had two there. The large size and we thought it would be perfect. We ended up buying the 8 in Sandy. We drove home. My mom went out with my dad and I went to Orem to pick them up. I got there and signed the receipt and took them back to my car and realized... NOT THE SAME ONES. AT ALL. This is the completely the frustrating part of wedding planning. You want things to go your way and to dream of it then to have it shattered. You're like, awesome. I wanted to break down and cry but I thought it would be silly to cry over some vases. I went back and looked around the store and they didn't have them there.

I got home and e-mailed pictures of the centerpieces and yellow vases and the measurements to my florist while my mom called the Clearfield store. They said that they had the vases in their system so they should be getting another shipping in of them. We just need to call back like EVERY week.

Dustinn and Val had e-mailed me early that week about seeing them again before the sealing and they'll be leaving right after the sealing to go to El Salvador for a family vacation. I'm sure that'll be a little bit easier on me that day. We'll take a few pictures before they leave. But it seriously is IMMEDIATELY after they have to catch a flight.

I called them on the way back home from Sandy and they said that they were planning on going to a drive-in movie if I wanted to come see Toy Story 3 with them. I said, of course! It was in Salt Lake at 9:30 PM.

I got there and it was totally cash only and Dustinn came out and gave me some cash and I drove in and parked up a little bit from their van and sat with them. It was me, D, V, B, O and Val's two sisters, her brother, and a friend from Texas. They handed little Olivia to me when I got there but she was pretty tired and fussy. So we made her a bottle and she just dipped back and fell asleep. She was asleep through most of the movie. But it was precious to look down and see her sweet face. It reminded me during the time that I was pregnant. Like a few days before delivering. It was me, Nic, Dustinn, and Val and we watched a movie at their cabin. And Nic was feeling my stomach to feel Olivia kick. Val was sitting to the right of me and Dustinn was sitting to the right of her. I had no one on my left (Nic would've taken that place if it were back while I was pregnant) and just Olivia. In my lap. Sleeping. Every once in a while making movements or when she got really hot she'd flinch and cry a little bit and want her mom to rock her back to sleep.

That part didn't really bother me just as long as I'd watch her fall asleep. It was more of a comforting feeling to see that. That she has adapted so well into their family. That it's like an, "Okay. I made the right decison." And Val would bring her back to me. So precious.

I went and saw Inception with some friends tonight. It was a pretty good movie. But I have to leave with this funny story.

Texting Tayler after the movie:

Tayler: Are you still in the movie's babe?

Me: Just got out. The movie was pretty good. It's looooooong.

Tayler: How long?

Me: Almost 3 months.

Tayler: I didn't know you were watching that movie for 3 months. Haha. Your last text babe.

I obviously thought I had said almost 3 hours. Not months... hahahahahaha.
Seriously. Tears are still streaming down my face.

I work at 8 in the morning and it's almost 2. Awesome. I hope you enjoyed my life. It's pretty fascinating right? Meh. Just a lot of wedding planning to keep me busy :)
I'm also looking for REALLY cute maroon flats for my wedding day. So if you find any online. Let me know. :) I'm also looking for a cheap caterer in the Utah County area. I'd greatly appreciate knowing that also!
Good night!

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  1. Oh my goodness I cannot wait to see it all come together it looks AMAZING already. I love Tai Pan! Thanks for your cute comments on my blog :)