Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hey Brownie

Today has been pretty spectacular.

Well, yesterday I finished up my internship ours at the dental office. I've been told of a few places that are hiring. I called my internship to see if I could get a letter of recommendation with my resume and hopefully I'll get that this week. :) I definitely would like to have a job before I get married and have money saved up.
Me and my friend McCall went to Wingers and got some spray on tan. We were nervous that we were going to be orange. It actually turned out really well. I'm happy with the results. No my ethnicity is NOT carrot. I look more brown than anything. This is a big deal. The first time I have ever been tan in my lifetime. I'm not even joking.

Some funny brown stories:

At work, I clearly work with some hispanics. I'm NOT racist. I just like to joke... a lot. People you must understand that, I'm just that type of person. I work with this guy Mauricio. And I asked him what he thought about my brown-ness. He said I looked hot. Then I said something about being brown. And Mauricio yells, "You're NOT brown." I told him, "Look, I don't like it when you tell me things like that. It hurts my feelings."

I told him that I told the lady at the tanning salon that I wanted to brown just like him. Mauricio was like, "NO YOU DID NOT!" I told him I did.

A Hispanic girl that I work with walked by. I don't think she recognized me and I was like, "Look! I'm brown just like YOU!" And she looked at me and the look of shock came over her face and she was like, "WHAT HAPPENED?!" I'm like, "dude. No need to flip a switch. It's just spray on."

At the end of the night, Mauricio walked by and I was asked him if he wanted to look at my stomach. He asked, "Why? Do you have a tat?" I said, "Nope. I'm just brown."

One of my friends that I worked with came in also. And we had this inside joke that he was the father. Long story short. He wanted to get this chick off his back so he pretended to be Olivia's papa. I said hi to him. And he yelled, "WHAT! I didn't even recognize you! You're brown... and you're NOT carrying my child!"

This story breaks my heart.

I went on KSL last night saying that they hadn't found the little boy. Then I read today that they did and the mother and step father murdered him. And my heart hurts so much just reading it. How could anyone just do that? My prayers are with his father and family at this time.

Anyway. I get to see Tayler on Saturday :) I can't even WAIT. I know it's lame that it's been like 2 weeks since I've seen him. But I can't help it. I was used to seeing him practically every weekend. Ohhhh I'm so stoked. And I know he can't wait to see me brown. Baha.

Well, if you any of you know any dentists who are hiring in Utah county. Let me know before I'm married. Kthanks :)

Oh yes, for birth mothers day. V&D sent me flowers :) And Tayler sent me flowers also! Seriously, they're all the BEST. I love them to death.

New pictures of little miss:


  1. The Tan looks awesome! I can't believe she is standing!!!!

  2. funny stories.
    Olivia does look so adorable (and grown-up) standing. It startling to see such a little person upright like that. hahah.

  3. PS I hadn't heard that story about that little boy. It makes me nauseated to think that anyone would do that. And to think that he normally lived with his dad and was only in town on visitation for 10 days! so sad.

  4. OH my gosh, is she really standing up?? That's crazy! I love her Brazil outfit. :)

    And I know you won't be happy, but I am not a fan of your tan. It makes you look dirty... But hey, whatev.

  5. how is she stnading already? oh my goodness!

  6. @Erika. It only looks dirty because it was the first day and I hadn't showered yet. It doesn't look like that anymore.